Kristina and Troy | Downtown Chicago Anniversary Session

July 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

Love. There's nothing like it. The giddy passion. The lightheadedness. Hand-holding. Kisses that make you lose your breath. It's even better when it's still there even after you've been together a while. Such is the way with Kristina and Troy. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina at CreativeLive when we were there for PhotoWeek in 2014. I met so many people there doing what I was trying to do: make a living with photography. Support our families. Live our true calling. I had been struggling with getting my foot in the wedding world, and when I turned to Kristina and asked for help, she gave it. She invited me down to work with her and her associate, Paul, on a double-header weekend. She gave me the boost in experience and confidence I was looking for. I'll be eternally grateful for that. 

Kristina is a hustler to the extreme. She's a savvy business woman, excellent networker, and produces killer images. When she and her husband, Troy, found a few days to sneak away, they came to Chicago. Kristina asked me to photograph them and I was thrilled. How could I not reciprocate her kindness? 

It was a rainy day and a light mist enveloped downtown. We hustled along the rain-soaked streets to find the right spots that highlighted the architecture of Chicago and provided just the right framing for their portraits. We started at the riverwalk ramp across from their Wacker Drive hotel. 

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-1soncelanda-chicago-engagements-1An anniversary portrait session in downtown chicago along the river walk.

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-5soncelanda-chicago-engagements-5A couple poses for an anniversary session at the riverwalk in downtown Chicago. Then, we went across to the Trump Hotel where the columns provided the leading lines to showcase this couple.  soncelanda-chicago-engagements-6soncelanda-chicago-engagements-6Kristina, a photographer from Tampa, poses with her husband, Troy, outside Trump International Hotel & Tower in downtown Chicago. In between the Trump Hotel and the Wrigley Building is this tiny little garden that provided iconic scenery. Glimpses of classic Chicago bridges and stonework are emphasized. I used a 70-200 lens for this scene to compress the background. 

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-10soncelanda-chicago-engagements-10A couple poses for an anniversary in the garden between the Wrigley Building and Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-engagements-14soncelanda-chicago-engagements-14An anniversary photography session takes place in downtown Chicago behind the Wrigley Building. soncelanda-chicago-engagements-18soncelanda-chicago-engagements-18Kristina, a photographer from Dunedin, Florida, poses for an individual portrait in downtown Chicago, just behind Trump International Hotel & Tower.

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-20soncelanda-chicago-engagements-20Troy poses for an individual portrait during his anniversary session with his wife, Kristina, in downtown Chicago. Next, we went a little further toward the Wrigley Building. Whether the traffic was pedestrian, vehicular and avian, they were no distraction for Kristina and Troy. 
soncelanda-chicago-engagements-25soncelanda-chicago-engagements-25Kristina and Troy lovingly embrace during their anniversary session at the Wrigley Building in Chicago, Illinois.

Here, a wide angle lens accentuates the height of the architecture while keeping the couple the center of attention. 

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-23soncelanda-chicago-engagements-23A couple poses in the garden behind the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago during their anniversary session. We moved to the front of the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue. A little stroll, hand in hand, through the drizzly streets were definitely in order.  soncelanda-chicago-engagements-28soncelanda-chicago-engagements-28Kristina and Troy walk along Michigan Avenue, just outside the Wrigley Building, in Chicago during their anniversary session. soncelanda-chicago-engagements-29soncelanda-chicago-engagements-29A couple poses for an anniversary portrait session outside Ghiradelli, in the Wrigley Building, on Michigan Avenue.

One last canoodle in front of Ghiradelli's at the Wrigley Building rounded out our session.

Thank you, Kristina and Troy, for allowing me to document your visit to Chicago. I hope to see you guys soon!

You can find Kristina's work at Kristina Houser Photography. She specializes in weddings and portraits. Her studio is located in Dunedin, Florida. 




Janet Moore(non-registered)
I love how the wet walk ways provides the perfect reflective touches. You couldn't have planned for the rain...but definitely used it to your advantage! I love that their desire was to celebrate a reflection of their years together. . .and that such natural reflection going on!!♡♡♡ Outstanding eye, Sonce!!!
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