Sonce Landa Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sonce Landa Photography (Sonce Landa Photography) Tue, 19 Jul 2016 16:39:00 GMT Tue, 19 Jul 2016 16:39:00 GMT Sonce Landa Photography: Blog 120 80 Adam | Senior Portraits | Class of 2016 Adam. Vivacious. Fashionable. Passionate. Photographer. Foodie. 

To document the milestone of graduating high school, we traversed the northwest suburbs. With his mom, and good friend, Payton, along for the journey, we started in Long Grove. In this middle of the historic part of town is a covered bridge. I love how Adam's red plaid shirt contrasted with the faded green of the bridge. 

soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (10 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (10 of 82)Chicago area senior photography. Adam is photographed in Long Grove, Illinois, under a covered bridge by Sonce Landa.

soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (6 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (6 of 82)Adam is photographed by Sonce Landa for his senior photography session to celebrate graduating from high school. A million dollar smile with sparkling blues eyes that looked like they were drawn with a crayon made from the sky. 

soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (3 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (3 of 82)Senior Portraits for men taken by Sonce Landa in Long Grove, Illinois.

soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (11 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (11 of 82)Adam is photographed along a wooden fence in historic Long Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, by Sonce Landa for his senior session. soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (20 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (20 of 82)Adam poses during his senior portrait session to celebrate his high school graduation. Photographed by Sonce Landa in Long Grove, Illinois. The other side of the bridge featured this beautiful line of fencing. Adam looks like he's been plucked out of a fashion ad! 
soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (17 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (17 of 82)Adam celebrate his high school graduation with a senior photography session with Sonce Landa Photography. soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (28 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (28 of 82)Adam is photographed by Sonce Landa for his high school senior session in Long Grove, Illinois, in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. We moved on to Libertyville, for a more urban look. Traffic and street lights helped to accomplish that vision. A stoplight is much longer than one would think! 

soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (39 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (39 of 82)Adam is photographed in downtown Libertyville, Illinois for his senior portrait session with Sonce Landa Photography. soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (43 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (43 of 82)Adam is photographed in downtown Libertyville, Illinois, by Sonce Landa to celebrate his high school graduation. We walked around downtown Libertyville, looking for pockets of light. We found this great park at the center of town. The Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens worked great for this low-light scene. It beautifully compressed the background and made big, round bokeh lights in distance. 
soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (58 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (58 of 82)Beautiful bokeh blends the background of Adam's senior session with Sonce Landa, celebrating his high school graduation. soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (53 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (53 of 82)Post-processing enhances sunflare caught in the edge of the frame of Adam, high school senior. Photographed by Sonce Landa For part two of his shoot, we took advantage of an available stage. Adam is a talented actor and singer. I've gotten to watch him in productions with Spotlight Youth Theater often. His latest roles were Linus in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and as nicest kid, Brad, in "Hairspray".  I hope he continues performing through adulthood! 

soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (74 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (74 of 82)A retrospective Adam stares into the theater during his senior portrait session with Sonce Landa Photography. soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (79 of 82)soncelanda-chicago-senior-photography (79 of 82)Adam sits on the edge of the theater stage that he's performed in so many times. Photographedy by Sonce Landa during his high school senior portrait session.

Congratulations on your graduation, Adam! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! You're feisty and determined and those two things will take you far in life! 






PS-Brad Forever!!

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Chicago Botanic Garden Wedding | Beth + Healy On a warm, summer day with drizzly skies, Beth and Healy said, "I do" to one another at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois. It's a small, quaint church on Chicago's North Shore, full of dark wood and stained glass. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-2soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-2Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois, serves as the ceremony location for a north shore Chicago summer wedding. Summer florals and wine crates decorated both the ceremony and reception venue, which was held at Chicago Botanic Garden, in Glencoe, Illinois. Programs were printed on fans to help keep guests cool during the wedding. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-3soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-3Succulents and summer blooms abound at a wedding at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois. Here, a basket holds programs printed on fans for the guests. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-4soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-4Wine crates serve as the planter boxes for this succulent and summer floral themed wedding. Hurricane jars shield candles and illuminate Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois, the setting for the wedding ceremony. Beth entered through the side door so as not to be seen by too many guests before her entrance. Her bridesmaids and flower girls were right behind.  soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-7soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-7A bride and her bridesmaids enter Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois through the side entrance, so as not to be seen by guests before her wedding ceremony begins. One last chat between sisters before the wedding began. 
soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-8soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-8A bride and her sister have one final chat before the walk down the aisle on the bride's wedding day. Healy waited patiently at the end of the aisle for his beloved to enter the sanctuary space.  soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-15soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-15A groom waits in anticipation for a first glimpse of his bride as she enters the sanctuary of Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois.

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-18soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-18A bride and groom stand at the end of the aisle during their wedding ceremony at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois. The ring-bearer was not remiss in his duty when called to the altar to deliver the wedding rings. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-27soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-27The ring-bearer is called to the altar with the wedding rings and does his job well.

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-32soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-32A bride and groom have their first married kiss at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois. Husband and wife's first kiss. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-19soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-19Flower seed is prepared to toss at a newly married couple at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois.

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-35soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-35Flower seeds are tossed at a bride and groom as they exit their wedding ceremony at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois. Guests were given little packets of flower seeds to toss at the bride and groom as they exited their wedding ceremony. We then drove over to the garden for formal photographs before the reception. Rows of hedges provided symmetrical lines as a backdrop for the bridal party.  soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-54soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-54Bridal formal photos are taken at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-67soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-67A wedding reception is held at Chicago Botanic Garden located in Glencoe, Illinois.

The venue was decorated in beautiful pink and rose tones that bounced off the ceiling of the white tent. Twinkle lights zig-zagged above the seating and aided the candles illumination power. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-38soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-38A wedding reception is held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. Bent Fork Bakery in Highwood, Illinois, provided the cake which was decorated with the succulent and summer flower theme. The wedding cake was provided by Bent Fork Bakery in Highwood, Illinois. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-82soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-82A bride and groom cut their wedding cake during their reception at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. After dinner, Beth and Healy cut their cake and went straight into their first dance. Beth then danced with her father; Healy with his mother. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-86soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-86A groom dips his new bride during their first dance at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois.

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-87soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-87A father/daughter dance is held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois during a wedding reception. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-93soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-93A mother/son dance is held at a north shore wedding reception held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. The Stitley Orchestra provided live entertainment for the duration of the reception. The guests sure did know how to boogie! 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-110soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-110The Stitley Orchestra provides live entertainment throughout a wedding reception held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-105soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-105A bride and groom dance at their wedding reception held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-103soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-103The grooms dances and tosses the flower girl from his North Shore Chicago wedding. Reception held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-97soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-97Guests mingle and dance at a wedding reception held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. Those not on the dance floor were engaged in great catching up conversations and mingled on the patio and in the courtyard. Bartenders kept the libations flowing. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-68soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-68Liquor is set for a wedding reception held at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. The only thing left to round out this night was a sparkler exit. Long, sparklers were held by guests along the footpath where the newlyweds were set to depart. A vintage car was readied to sweep them away, off to new adventures. 

soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-114soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-114A guest prepares for a sparkler exit during a wedding reception at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-115soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-115A bride and groom leave their wedding reception at Chicago Botanic Garden, amid rows of sparklers. soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-119soncelanda-chicago-botanic-garden-119A vintage car sweeps away the newlyweds after their Chicago north shore wedding reception held at the botanic gardens in Glencoe, Illinois. Congratulations on your marriage!! Many blessings to you both! 




Music by Skyeler Kole via Triple Scoop Music. Video produced with Animoto


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Kristina and Troy | Downtown Chicago Anniversary Session Love. There's nothing like it. The giddy passion. The lightheadedness. Hand-holding. Kisses that make you lose your breath. It's even better when it's still there even after you've been together a while. Such is the way with Kristina and Troy. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina at CreativeLive when we were there for PhotoWeek in 2014. I met so many people there doing what I was trying to do: make a living with photography. Support our families. Live our true calling. I had been struggling with getting my foot in the wedding world, and when I turned to Kristina and asked for help, she gave it. She invited me down to work with her and her associate, Paul, on a double-header weekend. She gave me the boost in experience and confidence I was looking for. I'll be eternally grateful for that. 

Kristina is a hustler to the extreme. She's a savvy business woman, excellent networker, and produces killer images. When she and her husband, Troy, found a few days to sneak away, they came to Chicago. Kristina asked me to photograph them and I was thrilled. How could I not reciprocate her kindness? 

It was a rainy day and a light mist enveloped downtown. We hustled along the rain-soaked streets to find the right spots that highlighted the architecture of Chicago and provided just the right framing for their portraits. We started at the riverwalk ramp across from their Wacker Drive hotel. 

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-1soncelanda-chicago-engagements-1An anniversary portrait session in downtown chicago along the river walk.

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-5soncelanda-chicago-engagements-5A couple poses for an anniversary session at the riverwalk in downtown Chicago. Then, we went across to the Trump Hotel where the columns provided the leading lines to showcase this couple.  soncelanda-chicago-engagements-6soncelanda-chicago-engagements-6Kristina, a photographer from Tampa, poses with her husband, Troy, outside Trump International Hotel & Tower in downtown Chicago. In between the Trump Hotel and the Wrigley Building is this tiny little garden that provided iconic scenery. Glimpses of classic Chicago bridges and stonework are emphasized. I used a 70-200 lens for this scene to compress the background. 

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-10soncelanda-chicago-engagements-10A couple poses for an anniversary in the garden between the Wrigley Building and Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-engagements-14soncelanda-chicago-engagements-14An anniversary photography session takes place in downtown Chicago behind the Wrigley Building. soncelanda-chicago-engagements-18soncelanda-chicago-engagements-18Kristina, a photographer from Dunedin, Florida, poses for an individual portrait in downtown Chicago, just behind Trump International Hotel & Tower.

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-20soncelanda-chicago-engagements-20Troy poses for an individual portrait during his anniversary session with his wife, Kristina, in downtown Chicago. Next, we went a little further toward the Wrigley Building. Whether the traffic was pedestrian, vehicular and avian, they were no distraction for Kristina and Troy. 
soncelanda-chicago-engagements-25soncelanda-chicago-engagements-25Kristina and Troy lovingly embrace during their anniversary session at the Wrigley Building in Chicago, Illinois.

Here, a wide angle lens accentuates the height of the architecture while keeping the couple the center of attention. 

soncelanda-chicago-engagements-23soncelanda-chicago-engagements-23A couple poses in the garden behind the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago during their anniversary session. We moved to the front of the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue. A little stroll, hand in hand, through the drizzly streets were definitely in order.  soncelanda-chicago-engagements-28soncelanda-chicago-engagements-28Kristina and Troy walk along Michigan Avenue, just outside the Wrigley Building, in Chicago during their anniversary session. soncelanda-chicago-engagements-29soncelanda-chicago-engagements-29A couple poses for an anniversary portrait session outside Ghiradelli, in the Wrigley Building, on Michigan Avenue.

One last canoodle in front of Ghiradelli's at the Wrigley Building rounded out our session.

Thank you, Kristina and Troy, for allowing me to document your visit to Chicago. I hope to see you guys soon!

You can find Kristina's work at Kristina Houser Photography. She specializes in weddings and portraits. Her studio is located in Dunedin, Florida. 



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Katherine | 8th grade portraits | Class of 2016 Katherine just graduated 8th grade. The youngest of three sisters, her parents are probably trying to figure out how time went by so quickly. I get it. You blink and they're grown. She's a super talented musician, playing multiple instruments. She's really funny. I love the crazy videos she makes! And she's definitely the kind of friend you want your kid to have. I'm glad shes's friends with my own children.  

Kat's mom called me because she needed some updated images of her. I had a small time frame while my own youngest daughter was at swim class one evening late last summer. "It'll be quick," I said. "I'll just take a few," I said. Thirty minutes later in golden light, I had a lot choices. It was hard to pick which ones to show, but I promised to narrow it down. I know it's overwhelming to pick which images you love from your session. It's even harder for me! But I persevered and got it down to the best ones. She ended up with so many great images in her collection. The light was perfect. Katherine was energetic and vivacious. Every shot I took was just so amazing!! 

So, in Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois, we tried a few of my tried and true nooks and got just what her mom was looking for. These were some of my favorite images for all of last year. 

soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-1soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-1Katherine is photographed at Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois, by Sonce Landa. Golden light filters the frame in tall grass. soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-2soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-2A black and white rendition lends a classic feel to this portrait in tall grass taken in Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois, by Sonce Landa. soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-3soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-3Amber hues of sunset light up the tall grass at a portrait session in Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois, taken by Sonce Landa. Beautiful golden light filters the frame and lights up the tall grass in the park. The grass gets beautifully tall at the end of summer and is filled with wild flowers. 

soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-4soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-4Katherine poses on a bridge in Gallery Park, backlit by evening sun. Taken by Sonce Landa Photography located in Glenview, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-5soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-5Black and white processing with exaggerated grain lends a timeless feel to this portrait of a Chicago area teen for her eighth grade portrait session at Gallery Park, in Glenview, Illinois. Taken by Sonce Landa Photography. soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-6soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-6A sassy pose with hands on hips and crossed feet show just how grown up this teen is becoming. The platform shoes help too. Taken on a bridge in Gallery Park, in Glenview, Illinois on the North Shore by Sonce Landa Photography. There are a few bridges in the park and we used them to our advantage. Then we hit my favorite tree on the bank of Lake Glenview. Using a 70-200 lens allowed me to capture the blowing leaves of the willow tree in the foreground, while leaving Kat tack sharp on tree. 

soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-7soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-7Katherine, an eighth grader, poses by a willow tree on the bank of the lake in Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois. Warm light from the setting sun provides a touch of flare and is accentuated with post-processing in Alien Skin. soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-9soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-9A teen poses by a willow tree in Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois, located in the north suburbs of Chicago.

soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-8soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-8Katherine poses on the bank of Lake Glenview in Gallery Park, located in the suburbs of Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-10soncelanda-chicago-teen-portraits-10A barefoot teen that loves nature and reading poses by a willow tree in Glenview, Illinois at Gallery Park. Taken by Sonce Landa. A 70-200 lens provides beautiful depth of field, catching the blowing leaves in the foreground. At the end, Katherine took off her heels and stood barefoot at the base of a giant willow tree. I loved that her mom ordered a large metal print that now hangs above the piano that Kat loves to play. 

Thanks for allowing me to capture you, Katherine. I hope you always treasure these images. I wish you the best on your high school career. You're gonna rock it! And thank you, Leslie, my beautiful friend, for trusting me to capture your daughters throughout this time in their lives. 



Song: All About Your Heart 

Music and Lyrics by Mindy Gledhill via Triple Scoop Music; produced with Animoto


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Independence Day 2016 Ah...the 4th of July. My second favorite holiday. And what's not to love? Parades. Marching Bands. Jessie White Tumblers. Fireworks. Trying to photograph said fireworks. BBQ. Warm nights. Fireflies. Family time. For a long time, my husband was never home on that day. As a former police officer, he was always working. I love that he's home now to celebrate with us. Chicagoland is filled with festivities. Find your local hangout. Bring some chairs and/or a blanket, and enjoy the show! Also, if getting out to see fireworks on the fourth seems daunting, just remember you can see them every Wednesday and Saturday down at Navy Pier

This year, we will be watching the parade in Arlington Heights, Illinois. My daughter, Alayna, will be marching to promote her show, Hairspray, in which she plays Penny. It's produced by St. James Theater, located in Arlington Heights. St. James parish hosts a community theater musical every summer. A few summers ago, my son, Aaron, walked with the troupe to promote Oliver. 

Here's a look at a last of our few Independence Day celebrations. What are you going to do today?

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-8soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-8Veterans ride in an open trailer during the Arlington Heights Parade. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-33soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-33Veterans march in a parade in suburban Chicago on the fourth of July. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-14soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-14A man dressed in revolutionary garb marches in the Arlington Heights Independence Day parade. Hamilton? Is that you? 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-12soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-12Abe Lincoln marches in the Arlington Heights parade. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-13soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-13Alex Laverty takes a selfie with Honest Abe at the Arlington Heights 4th of July parade. Politicians are out in full force on parade day. Honest Abe is out marching and my son, Alex, took a selfie with him. 

Marching bands. Drill teams. Flag bearers. Bring on the John Phillip Sousa! 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-23soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-23Hersey High School marching band in the Arlington Heights parade for Independence Day.

That saxophone is as big as he is! How does he march with that?

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-21soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-21A dancer with the Proviso West marching band walks along with her troupe.

This dancer from Proviso West was killer! Her face is fierce and determined! 
soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-35soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-35A flag girl with the Prospect Marching Knights, performs with enthusiasm at the 4th of July Parade in Mt. Prospect. This flag girl from the Prospect Marching Knights was in perfect time with her bandmates. 
soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-26soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-26A Shriner rides along in the Arlington Heights Independence Day Parade. Santa, is that you? Is this what you do in the summer? 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-25soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-25The Shriner Motor Patrol makes an appearance in the Independence Day Parade in Arlington Heights. My husband and so many of his friends are Shriners. I love the charitable work they do. You can find out more about their hospitals and programs offered by visiting their site at the Shriners HQ

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-28soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-28St. Peter's Lutheran marches in the Arlington Heights Parade. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-37soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-37Alayna Laverty marches in the Mt. Prospect Parade. Sometimes we get to see familiar faces. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-41soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-41St James Community Theater marches in the Arlington Heights Parade. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-39soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-39Aaron Landa marches with St. James Community Theater in the Arlington Heights Independence Day Parade. Sometimes they see you back! 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-31soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-31Abbie Landa dresses the part for Independence Day festivities. Dressing up is half the fun!

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-1soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-1Fireworks at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois. But when all in said and done, the fireworks are THE BEST part of the day. 

Have a happy and safe 4th of July. 







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Champs Homeschool Spring Formal 2016 at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois I remember the first dance I went to. I was 12. J, the boy on the next block walked the neighbor's dog around our block all summer. I noticed. Our brothers were in the same boy scout troop. He was cute, smart and kind. I was smitten. He asked me to this dance and I wore my cutest skirt and sweater. In the basement of his school, we danced and went for pizza afterwards. Best. Night. Ever. For a 12 year old in the mid 80s.

2016, well, it's a little different. CHAMPs, a local homeschool cooperative, hosts a formal every fall and spring. This spring, it was held at Makray Memorial Golf Club, in Barrington, Illinois, and was Hollywood themed. These kids came to play! Hair, makeup and attire were en pointe! 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-1soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-1Chicago-area homeschoolers gathered in the northwest suburbs for a spring formal at Makray Memorial Golf Club A group of teens gathered for formal pictures at Makray Memorial Golf Club, just outside the clubhouse. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-5soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-5Teen girls pose for formal photos at Makray Memorial Golf Club. Katherine and Megan posed for formal images at their spring formal in Barrington, Illinois. 


Seniors, Cari and Adam, had a James Bond look in mind when posing for their portrait before the event started. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-12soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-12Teens pose for formal pictures at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois Khalia and Luke posed for formal pictures on the balcony at the golf club. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-62soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-62Teens pose at their homeschool prom in suburban Chicago. Megan and Joe posed on the upper deck balcony, just off the event space, at the clubhouse. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-51soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-51Star-shaped place cards coordinate with the Hollywood theme at the CHAMPs 2016 Spring Formal at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. Gold and silver stars are used as place cards at the CHAMPs Spring Formal. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-54soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-54Mini Academy Award statutes await the winners of the court at the CHAMPs Spring Formal at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. Mini Oscars are lined up for the winners of prom court. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-53soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-53A red carpet walk await the formal arrival of guests at CHAMPs spring dance at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. A red carpet and stanchions await the formal arrival of guests. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-8soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-8Guests arrive at the CHAMPs spring formal at Makray Memorial in Barrington, Illinois. Precious and Laura picked up their place cards and walked the red carpet. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-16soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-16Teens walk the red carpet entrance at a prom held at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. Lyle and Ryneeka walked the red carpet with panache. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-7soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-7A few mothers of the homeschoolers act as organizers and chaperones for the CHAMPs homeschool formal, held at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. A few of my friends, and fellow homeschooling mothers, acted as organizers and chaperones for the CHAMPs Spring Formal.

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-15soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-15A local teen strikes a pose on the red carpet walk at a homeschool prom in spring of 2016, held at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. Rynazhae struck a pose at the end of her red carpet walk. 

The organizers also built a red carpet photobooth, filled with costume pieces and props and was open most of the evening. The kids had so much fun dressing up, making silly faces and poses. Some kept it classy as well. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-26soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-26Teen boys pose at the photobooth, made by the CHAMPs party committee. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-23soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-23Teens pose in a homemade photobooth at a homeschoolers spring formal in the northwest suburbs on Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-60soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-60A pair of friends have fun in a photobooth, hosted by CHAMPs homeschool group.

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-25soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-25Teens pose in a photobooth at a homeschool prom in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-61soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-61A pair of friends pose with a frame and oversized sunglasses in a homemade red-carpet themed photobooth at a homeschool spring formal in the suburbs of Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-30soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-30Teens dress with costumes and props in a photobooth during a homeschool spring formal in Barrington, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-57soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-57A trio of sisters at a spring formal, hosted by CHAMPs homeschool group which meets on Mondays in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-24soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-24Mothers of CHAMPs: educators, party-planners, chaperones. Spring Formal 2016 at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois Even the moms got in on the photobooth action! There are some with hats and boas, but I'm saving those for a rainy day! :)

The DJ kept the music pumping after dinner. Lots of popular songs and line dances kept the kids hopping. Who doesn't love a good "Cha-Cha Slide"? A few slow songs rounded out the playlist and gave party-goers an opportunity to catch their breath. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-27soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-27Cari, a high school senior, dances the night away at a homeschoolers spring formal in suburban Chicago. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-29soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-29Teens dance at a homeschool formal in Barrington, Illinois, hosted by CHAMPs. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-28soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-28Teens line dance at a homeschool spring formal, hosted by CHAMPs, in Barrington, Illinois. soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-48soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-48Teens slow dance during a homeschoolers spring formal in spring 2016 in Barrington, Illinois. Earlier in the evenings, ballots had been passed out to vote for Prom Court. Instead of crowns, winners were given Academy Award-esque statues. 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-55soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-55Winners of prom court won mini-oscar statues that matched the hollywood themed homeschool spring formal held at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington, Illinois. Some awards distributed were most stylish, supporting leads and best actor/actress in a leading role. Here are the winners!! The CHAMPs Spring Formal Court of 2016. Some of the awards distributed included: most stylish couple, best dressed actor and actress, supporting roles for male and female. 

Even my own little party-goer, Aaron, won an award: Best dressed actor. His tuxedo was rented from Emanuele Tuxedo in Morton Grove, Illinois. Here he is, an aspiring comedian, practicing his Academy Award acceptance speech. This kid is something else. Whatever he says, he'd better be sure to thank his mom! 

soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-46soncelanda-chicago-event-photography-46Aaron Landa, aspiring comedian, practices his Academy Award acceptance speech at the CHAMPs Spring Formal 2016 held at Makray Memorial Golf Club. His tuxedo was rented from Emanuele Tuxedo in Morton Grove, Illinois.

Events like proms and formal dances are a fleeting, joyous moment in your life. I remember so many dances, dates and great times with friends. I wish photography had been more accessible to me at that age. My mind's eye grows more dim every year that passes. If you received these photos as my gift to you for attending the dance, please take the time to print them. Don't just let them live on your phone or computer, looking at them through some app. Printed pictures, when cared for properly, live for a very long time. And you know you're totally gonna want to show your kids these! 







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Hands and the Love They Show When my grandmother died a few years ago, I was struck by her hands. I had a flood of memories of all the things her hands had done for me, and how much mine were starting to look like hers. It was a quick cell phone picture that I lost when my phone stopped working. I had never taken the time to print it. I won't get on my soapbox about printing your images and not letting them just live on a drive, disk, or phone, but it was a sad day when that phone broke and so many memories were lost because of my foolishness. 

Fast-forward to my wedding photography now. I'm obsessed with people's hands. I watch them all day. Securing buttons on dresses. Placing earrings. Tying belts. Straightening ties. Carrying bouquets. Giving and receiving rings. Holding hands. Holding faces. Cutting cake. Patting little heads. Wiping tears. Embracing. Praying. Blessing. Loving. 

Look at the hands of the people in your lives. Remember them and all the things they've done for you. And how much you were loved by them. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-8soncelanda-weddings-hands-8Hands of a bridesmaid tying the final bow on a bride at The Langham in Chicago, Illinois. A bride gets ready at The Langham, in Chicago. Her bridesmaid ties the final bow on her dress after zipping her in. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-30soncelanda-weddings-hands-30The mother of the bride fastens the last few buttons on her daughter's bridal gown at Hampton Inn & Suites in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The bride's mother secures her last few buttons on her lace dress at Hampton Inn & Suites in Lincolnshire, Illinois. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-9soncelanda-weddings-hands-9A bridesmaid fastens a bride's shoe in their bridal suite at The Langham in Chicago, Illinois.

Sparkly heels are fastened on a bride at a downtown Chicago hotel. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-29soncelanda-weddings-hands-29A groom closes the button on his custom suit on his wedding day in suburban Chicago, Illinois. A groom buttons his jacket on his suit, custom made for his wedding, in the northern suburbs of Chicago. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-30soncelanda-weddings-hands-30A bride holds a bouquet filled with a mix of white flowers with green accents at her Chicago Hilton/Indian Lakes resort wedding.

A bride holds a bouquet made of a mix of white flowers with green accents at her Hilton Chicago/Indian Lakes wedding. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-20soncelanda-weddings-hands-20A groom reads a love note from his bride in his room at Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

A groom wearing a french-cuff shirt and cufflinks reads a sentimental note from his bride on his wedding day at a downtown Chicago hotel. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-12soncelanda-weddings-hands-12Whenever the bride and groom see one another for the first time, it's always an emotional moment. Here, during the first look, a groom envelops his bride in a loving embrace. A groom embraces his bride during their first look just before their Catholic ceremony in a Chicago suburb. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-11soncelanda-weddings-hands-11A groom plays music before the processional, while waiting for his bride, at their Floating World Gallery wedding ceremony in Chicago, Illinois. A groom plays violin before his wedding ceremony, while waiting for his bride at Floating World Gallery.  

soncelanda-weddings-hands-15soncelanda-weddings-hands-15During a Catholic wedding ceremony in Inverness, Illinois, a bride and groom hold hands.

A bride and groom hold hands during their Catholic ceremony at Holy Family Catholic Community in Inverness, Illinois. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-1soncelanda-weddings-hands-1At Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois, a bride and groom hold hands while exchanging rings.

A bride and groom exchange rings at Trinity Church in Highland Park, Illinois. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-3soncelanda-weddings-hands-3A priest blesses rings during a Catholic wedding in suburban Chicago.

A priest blesses rings at a Catholic ceremony at St. Matthew Church in Glendale Heights, Illinois. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-2soncelanda-weddings-hands-2At St. Matthew Church in Glendale Heights, Illinois, a groom kneels in prayer with his groomsmen during his wedding ceremony. A groom kneels in prayer with his groomsmen during a Catholic ceremony in the Chicago suburbs. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-13soncelanda-weddings-hands-13At St. John the Evangelist Church in Streamwood, Illinois, a bride and groom light a unity candle during their Catholic wedding ceremony. A bride and groom light a unity candle during their Catholic wedding ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, in Streamwood, Illinois. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-16soncelanda-weddings-hands-16A bride holds a paten, filled with Eucharistic bread, during her Catholic wedding ceremony. The brides holds a paten, filled with Eucharistic bread, during communion at their Catholic wedding ceremony. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-23soncelanda-weddings-hands-23Hands raised in prayer to blessed the newlyweds in a Catholic wedding ceremony in northwest Indiana, just outside Chicago. Hands raised in prayer, blessing the newly weds, at a Catholic ceremony northwest Indiana. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-25soncelanda-weddings-hands-25Dark blue bridesmaid dresses contrast the pastel hues of their bouquets during a wedding ceremony in suburban Chicago. Dark blue bridesmaid dresses contrast the pastel bouquets held by the bridal party. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-26soncelanda-weddings-hands-26During the recessional, a ring-bearer carries a hand-painted sign that reads, " Don't worry ladies, we're still single!" A ring-bearer carrying a hand-painted sign during the recessional reads, "Don't worry ladies, we're still single!" 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-17soncelanda-weddings-hands-17The newlyweds show off their rings during the formal bridal photography session after their Catholic wedding ceremony. Magenta bridesmaid dresses complement the jewel-toned bouquets during this late fall wedding. During the formal bridal photos, a bride and groom show off their new wedding rings. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-24soncelanda-weddings-hands-24A bartender pours a set of shots for the groomsmen to toast their newly married friend, prior to his reception at The Cotillion in Palatine, Illinois. A bartender pours a row of shots for the groomsmen to toast their newly married friend, the groom, before the reception in Palatine, Illinois, at The Cotillion. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-27soncelanda-weddings-hands-27A bride and groom cut the first slice of cake during their reception at Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. A bride and groom cut their cake at their reception at Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. 

soncelanda-weddings-hands-28soncelanda-weddings-hands-28The bridal party toasts the bride and groom after the maid-of-honor's speech at a reception at Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

A bridal party raises their glasses to toast the newlyweds at Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. 




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Christie | Senior Portraits | Class of 2016 I've been photographing Christie and her sisters for a few years now. Man, they sure do grow up fast! Christie is a high school graduate, Class of 2016. Smart. Ambitious. Talented. Those are the three words that come to mind when I think of her. Oh, and she's totally gorgeous!! 

We did Christie's session in two parts. First, we spent the whole day exploring different nooks and crannies in downtown Chicago. For the second part, we went to Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois for outdoor park images; then to my studio for images in her softball uniform. 

Christie did a great job of styling her shoot. Her makeup was done earlier in the day by Juliette B. Christie, her mom and I rode the train downtown to find the perfect places for her shoot. 

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016In a hidden alley, just of State St. in downtown Chicago, Christie poses for her high school senior session with city life as her backdrop. Christie poses in a hidden alley just off State St. in downtown Chicago. City life serves as the backdrop. 
soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016-10soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016-10 Christie poses outside the Lyric Opera in Chicago for her senior shoot. The wind was blowing magnificently. Always a bonus when the wind cooperates. 

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016Christie sits just outside the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago in a custom made tutu by Sonce Landa for her session. Balanced with edge from her Converse shoes, Christie is relaxed and poised. After a beautiful dinner at Benny's Chophouse, we went across the street, near Trump International Hotel & Tower. Christie wore a custom made tutu and converse to give it a playful feel. Totally my idea and she was a great sport about it! It so works!

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016Christie poses across from the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago, just near the river walk. Next look was across from the Wrigley Building. Here, I put mom to work as my official off-camera light holder. I think mom's got potential! 

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016A favorite spot for a wedding day, Christie stands on a median outside the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago for her high school senior session in a blue evening gown. A popular place for a wedding day, Christie poses on the median on Michigan Avenue, just outside the Wrigley Building, wearing a navy formal dress. Taxis were honking as they rushed by shuttling their passengers. 

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016Playing with long exposures on a median on Michigan Avenue on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Christie held still like a champ while the camera did its magic on the tripod. Down the street, closer to the water tower (one of the few things to survive the Great Chicago Fire), Christie let me work with her, long exposures, and light trails on Michigan Avenue. She's got great coordination and stood perfectly still while the camera did its magic on the tripod. 

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016Christie poses for a collegiate look at her high school senior session in Glenview, Illinois at Gallery park, near Sonce Landa Photography's studio. Christie lays in the grass at Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois. A textured sweater playfully contradicts the wedge sandals she has on, which I totally want to steal...err...borrow. 

soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016soncelanda-christie-senior-class-of-2016Christie poses for the in-studio portion of her high school senior session. She chose to wear her softball uniform. She plans to continue to play at her university.

Christie finished her session in studio, posing her her softball uniform. Softball was such an important part of her high school career and she plans to continue playing for her university.

I wish you the best of luck in college!! You're totally gonna rock it! I can't wait to see what your future holds!



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Jamie, Teen Portraits Jamie is a star. I mean that. Literally. A bright, shining ball of fire with a voice to match. As the winner of Schaumburg Idol, she is looking to further her career; creating her own CD is the next step on that path. Jamie styled herself with Juliette, my trusty HMUA. She rocked every look at her glamour portrait session. We were able to do traditional headshots, as well as some concept art for her CD cover.  We did a variety of looks at my studio in Glenview, ate some pizza, then continued on into the dark at the Glen town center.  What's even more awesome is because Jamie is homeschooled, Juliette and I brought along our kiddos to show them how a shoot works. And we put them to work as lighting assistants and gophers! Gotta teach them about hard work! 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterJamie McCalister, winner of Schaumburg Idol, came in for a headshot session. Here she is represented with a classic look. Jamie is simply styled in this look, as a headshot should be. Headshots are all about the face. Oftentimes, a plain shirt and simple background are all one needs to get that clean, classic look. 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterJamie McCalister, winner of Schaumburg idol, came in for headshots. Styled wearing a black leather jacket, in front of a large window for a natural light look. Jamie loves the 80s. Here she's channeling her inner 80s sitcom star. I love everything about this look. Her big, sweeping bangs, her side stance. Her leather jacket. She looks like she could have been on Growing Pains or Just the Ten of Us. 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterJamie McCalister, budding pop star and winner of Schaumburg Idol, did her own styling. Here she's wearing a black leather jacket and posed in front of a large window at Sonce Landa Photography studio in Glenview, Illinois. I love a landscape headshot. I always take them. Here Jamie looks bright-eyed and classic, with a hint of edge from her black leather jacket. When shooting a headshot, it's really important to get a variety of looks and expressions from one's client. A unique look or expression can give performers the leg-up they need when pursuing a role. Also, black on black really works. 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterJamie McCalister, winner of Schaumburg Idol, styled her own shoot. She's in love with the 80's, hence the neon colors and faded denim. We utilized the nearby school wall, at the Glen, which has this great brick to juxtapose the pastel of her outfit. I love this. Strong arms. Rockin' 'tude. Blowing hair. (We paid extra for the wind that day.) Juxtaposition of the pastel on the brick at Gallery Park. Just perfection. 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterAt my favorite willow tree at Gallery Park in Glenview, Illinois, Jamie poses for a romantic, boho chic look. The wind was blowing gently, giving movement to both the foliage and her hair. Same girl. Different face. Soft. Serene. Poised. Ready to listen. Ready to be. A fairy in the woods. This was taken at my favorite willow tree in Gallery Park in Glenview. 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterI love how involved Jamie McCalister was in her shoot concepts. She had this specific look in mind. Guitar in hand. Urban setting. Vintage feel. Headphone cord dangling. As the sun went down and twilight set in, the clouds were just perfect. Some off-camera lighting gave us the pop of light we needed to make Jamie stand out. I loved how involved Jamie was for the concept for her session. This was a very specific look she had in mind. Guitar in hand. Headphone cords dangling. Vintage, romantic styling. Ready to hit the road and make it! As the sky went dark in the Glen, the storm clouds couldn't have been better if I had painted them myself. Some off-camera lighting gave just the right amount of light on Jamie to make her stand out from the background. 

soncelanda-mccalistersoncelanda-mccalisterJamie McCalister, Schaumburg Idol winner, photographed at Sonce Landa Photography Studio in Glenview, Illinois. Our last look borrowed from her earlier outdoor look with just a slight change in lipstick and accessories. On my vintage couch and hand-painted backdrop, Jamie just owns it. Fierce. Formidable. She's got this. 


PS-Jamie was just in the paper with her friend, Megan, auditioning for Suburban Chicago's Got Talent. Be on the lookout for her!! She's skyrocketing!  




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Father's Day 2016 Dads. Aren't they the best?! Some of my favorite moments at a wedding are when dads get to brag on their kids during speech time and the father-daughter dance. There hasn't been a wedding yet this season that hasn't left me with a few tears! Let's take a moment to celebrate  dads, pops, papas and fathers everywhere. Happy Father's Day!



soncelanda-weddings-4Jewish wedding ritual of lifting the chair of the bride's father at the Sandpearl Resort A father during the Jewish tradition of being lifted in a chair. This wedding took place at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida, that I traveled to for a destination wedding. The father of the bride is being lifted in his chair during a Jewish wedding reception at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida, which was a destination location for me last year. 

soncelanda-weddingssoncelanda-weddings-chicago-botanic-gardenA father gives a speech at a Chicago Botanic Garden wedding during the summer. Twinkle lights under a white tent and a soft, pastel palette gave this wedding a romantic feel.

The father of the bride giving his speech at a romantic wedding reception held at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. A pastel palette and twinkle lights under a white tent gave way to an airy feel. 
soncelanda-weddingssoncelanda-weddings-viper-alleyAt the end of the father-daughter dance, the bride leaps into her dad's arms for a jubilant embrace at their Viper Alley wedding in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

A fun-loving couple with a rock-n-roll edge had their wedding and reception at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Here, the bride jumped into her father's arms at their end of their father-daughter dance while the mother of the groom looks on. 

soncelanda-weddings-83soncelanda-weddings-83 A father giving his son one last look-over before heading down for formal portraits on his wedding day. 

soncelanda-weddingssoncelanda-weddingsA father cries at the wedding of his daughter at St. Edna Catholic Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois. A father crying at his daughter's wedding at St. Edna Catholic Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois. 


Dads. Oftentimes not front and center on a wedding day, but never forgotten. Happy Father's Day to all you terrific dads out there! You're doing a great job! 


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Chicago Beach Mini-Sessions 2015 Last summer, I scoped out an awesome location for my own family session with Erin Foster from Irish Eyes Photography. It's a secluded downtown Chicago beach with amazing skyline views of the city. I loved it so much that I want to share this spot with my clients! I'm offering a morning of 30 minute mini-sessions on Saturday, June 6, 2015. 


Here's what's included for $200: a 30 minute session, 5 digital images, one 11x14 print, personal print release, and an online gallery to view and select your images. Special event pricing is also available for additional products, such as gift prints and wall art. Limited to immediate family, couples or individual sessions only. 

Sessions are available on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Times available:

June 6, 2015






To reserve a session, please send me an email with your preferred session time.


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H Family Boys! Stereotypically rambunctious and full of energy. And the H family boys did not disappoint!

I went to visit them at their new home for their session. The newest H boy was only a few weeks old at the time of their session. We had a day that had finally warmed up so to keep the energy up, we went outside for a majority of it. 

We took the time to do a quick family session on the porch, with grandma and grandpa, who were visiting from their home country. 

Hahn_112914-4Hahn_112914-4 Baby was getting chilly, so we took the time to do group and individual headshots of the older 3 boys.

Hahn_112914-7Hahn_112914-7 Hahn_112914-28Hahn_112914-28 Hahn_112914-16Hahn_112914-16 Trying to keep a bunch of boys who love to tell jokes, chat and be typical kids on track was a little bit of a challenge, but that's the fun of it!

Hahn_112914-24Hahn_112914-24 But, when they finally held still for just a second, what is captured for a lifetime is so precious! 

Hahn_112914-31Hahn_112914-31 At the very end, we went inside to get a group shot with the baby. Their newest brother is just so darn cute! I could hold him and cuddle him all day!

Hahn_112914-45Hahn_112914-45 Congratulations, H family! You are doing a great job with these kiddos! They're all so handsome and really smart! Can't wait to see what they become. 

Lots of love,













Sonce Landa is a Chicago-based photographer specializing in on-location family portraits, both local and destination. 

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Angelika + Joe | Weddings Angelika and Joe's wedding was my last official photography related project of 2014. I love weddings, but I love them even more when my friends are involved. An extraordinary pair, they've come together, each having endured their own hardships. In planning their day, going over the timeline, it couldn't have been easier. So laid back with an understanding of the importance of the day: at the end of it, they were to be married! One big happy family! Pinks and purples intertwined with Christmas decorations made for a gorgeous day. Seeing all of their children participate in the ceremony was the icing on the cupcakes! 

Venue: Belvedere Events and Banquets

Florist: Blooming Flowers

Makeup: Juliette B

Photographer: Sonce Landa

Second Shooter/Assistant: Charleen Thomas

Wishing your family all the best!

Lots of love,





sonce_landa_weddings-002sonce_landa_weddings-002Chicago wedding photography, wedding rings, black and white photography


sonce_landa_weddings-004sonce_landa_weddings-004 sonce_landa_weddings-014sonce_landa_weddings-014

sonce_landa_weddings-007sonce_landa_weddings-007 sonce_landa_weddings-011sonce_landa_weddings-011




Sonce Landa is a Chicago based wedding and portrait photographer offering both local and destination services. 


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Christmas 2014 The only people that love photographing more than a photographer is a photographer's family. Not! Please enjoy these outtakes of my family sitting and waiting for me to get everything just right. Lights. Camera. Focus. Misfire. Blurry. Uh, Merry Christmas?! 

DSC_4627-webDSC_4627-web DSC_4580DSC_4580 DSC_4587DSC_4587 DSC_4588DSC_4588 DSC_4592DSC_4592 DSC_4594DSC_4594 DSC_4597DSC_4597 DSC_4598DSC_4598 DSC_4599DSC_4599 DSC_4601DSC_4601 DSC_4606DSC_4606 DSC_4608DSC_4608 DSC_4609DSC_4609 DSC_4612DSC_4612 DSC_4614DSC_4614 DSC_4620DSC_4620 DSC_4622DSC_4622 DSC_4623DSC_4623 DSC_4624DSC_4624 DSC_4625DSC_4625


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Cliff Mautner Workshop This October I traveled to a workshop just outside Philadelphia. Cliff Mautner is just the coolest guy ever. Sometimes when you lay down money for a workshop, it's not always worth it. Not true with Cliff Mautner. I found out about Cliff from a WPPI convention in Las Vegas a few years ago. I sat in his lecture there and fell in love with his work. He was talking about light, how to see it and how to shoot it, but it wasn't as in depth as I wanted. How could it be with such limited time?

How fortuitous that life worked out for me to finally get to his NJ studio and go to a full 3 day workshop. For 3 whole days, my group, which was purposely small, learned all the ins and outs from one of the best in the industry. We shot all the stuff that challenges most photographers: harsh outside light, off-camera flash, using highlight and shadows to paint an image instead of shooting flat, boring light. Cliff taught us how to give our images more dimension. He also reminded us that most of the time, less is more. Complicated lighting setups aren't always needed to achieve images that are striking and full of impact. Knowing where the light comes from and using it to shape images are the ultimate keys to dynamic images. 

This workshop changed me and my work. Below you will see tangible evidence of what I learned. I met people that will stick with me for a long time. Having a connection to photographers across genres and the world is empowering and edifying. And having Cliff on your side is pretty awesome too. 

Thank you, Cliff, for your openness, kindness and thorough teaching. You made things that seemed mysterious and difficult, accessible and understandable. Thank you for your honest critique. Your points on how to improve drive me to do just that: grow. 

I hope we cross paths again. 

workshop images-5workshop images-5

workshop images-8workshop images-8 workshop images-10workshop images-10 workshop images-14workshop images-14

workshop images-16workshop images-16

workshop images-1workshop images-1

workshop images-19workshop images-19 workshop images-31workshop images-31 workshop images-38workshop images-38 workshop images-40workshop images-40 workshop images-49workshop images-49

workshop images-29workshop images-29 workshop images-35workshop images-35

workshop images-54workshop images-54 workshop images-58workshop images-58

Sonce Landa is a Chicago area portrait and wedding photographer, servicing the North Shore and Northwest Cook County areas, such as: Glenview, Wilmette, Winnetka, Skokie, Niles, Des Plaines, Wheeling, Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Arlington Heights, and Mount Prospect. Sonce Landa specializes in children, families and senior photography in the Chicagoland area. Sonce Landa is not limited to these areas and is willing to travel for sessions. 

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Jules B                                                 

Makeup by Juliette B

Hair design by Becca H

Juliette and her munchkins are some of the most awesome people I know. I met Juliette through a local homeschooling cooperative. Vivacious, full of life, and a fellow Latina, we've bonded (with wine glass in hand) and had some great conversations about life. Jules is one of those people that you can spill your guts to and you know it's locked in the vault. Thanks for keeping my secrets.

Juliette is passionate about seeing her friends succeed. She's been a great supporter of me and my work. We would have been great on a cheer squad together, the two loud Latinas. Maybe that can be our band name!

Juliette is a gifted artist as well. She's my go-to makeup artist. She is a master of her craft. Watching her work is like watching a painter. The gift of transformation she possesses astounds me. I can't wait to see what else she can do. (Stay tuned for some exciting upcoming projects we're collaborating on.) If you're in need of a makeup artist, you can contact Juliette on Facebook. She does makeup for special occasions, like bridal or prom. If you're having a portrait session with me, she will make you look perfectly polished. Juliette's application skills enhance your portrait session and help you look your best.

I love that our children are friends. I love that you are my confidant. When I think about how blessed I am that you are in my life, words don't do you justice. I pray blessings upon you, Juliette. I can't wait to see what great things life has coming your way!









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Terika + Steve Love is a beautiful thing. I've known Terika a long time, since the first day of high school, first period, freshman biology. It's so awesome to have friends in your life for that long. Feisty, full of life and forever festooned with a smile, she is relentless in her pursuit of success. Her drive and passion are an inspiration. And she's one of my greatest cheerleaders.

I cannot tell you how happy it made me to see her and Steve celebrate their commitment to a lifelong partnership. Watching her friends and family bless them, pray for them and toast them was a special thing to witness. Even her son, got up to say something and made the whole room tear up, including this momma!

Congratulations, Terika and Steve! I wish you a wonderful lifetime of togetherness and partnership. May your love continually grow for one another. And may you be blessed with lots of available babysitters! xoxo


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A new year and a lot of snow Happy New Year!

So we got a little snow today. Ok. A lot of snow! It's too dangerous to drive so we were snowed in. Again. It's the last day of break so the kids did a lot of lounging, I edited while watching episodes of Merlin. After sitting still for too long, I went outside with my littlest, my husband and my dog and enjoyed some of the cold. Now, I can tolerate the cold for short bursts. I'm not built for the cold for too. I belong in a tropical paradise. Warm breezes, sand, sunshine...

My doggie on the other hand, Charlie the German Shepherd, well, cold is his thing. He was having a blast playing fetch, both with real and snowballs, with H and the little. He was happy galloping through the snow, having quite the time, as were the humans.

Wishing you all the best in 2014! May you run through this year with all the gusto and fervor of a snow-loving doggie in a winter wonderland!

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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014! Do you make resolutions? I do. And every year I swear this is going to be my best year yet. And you know what, slowly, but surely, every year gets better. Usually my resolutions are pretty broad and ambiguous. Lose weight. Save more money. Make more money. Volunteer more. Get organized. Read a book. Learn something. This year, however, I'm planning very specific personal and business goals. Big goals. Big dreams. I hear that clock in my head, as I'm approaching *cough* 40, and I know that time is of the essence. So, it's go big or go home! Stick with me this year and watch out, 2014! I'm coming to claim you!

Reach for the starsA ballerina leaps on clouds surrounded by stars

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Madeline-Portrait of a Young Woman I met Madeline because she was my friend's daughter. We met via our homeschooling cooperative and they were also part of the theater group my children participated in. Madeline is unassumingly vivacious and full of life. She has an amazing smile and a contagious laugh.

"Senior Portrait Galleries" "Senior Portrait Photography" "Senior Portrait Photographer" Sonce_Landa_Madeline_BMadeline, an esthetician in Arlington Heights, has a portrait session with Sonce Landa Photography


I am learning to sew more and more. I hand-made a dress for Madeline to wear. She had a beautiful up-do and looked so regal.

Sonce_Landa_Madeline B

I am in love with Madeline's eyes. I'm not quite sure what color they are because they seem to change in every photograph.

Sonce_Landa_Madeline_B As a cosmetologist, Madeline has a special focus for esthetics and as a make-up artist. When she saw this picture in person, she loved loved loved her makeup.

Sonce_Landa_Madeline_B I'm proud to now call Madeline my own friend. She has big dreams and is full of potential and possibility.That's the beauty of being 18. The possibilities are endless! She now has a blossoming career as an esthetician. She gives a brilliant facial and one heck of a hand massage. After a long shoot, I'm putting down a hand massage session with Madeline in my work-flow from now on. You can find Madeline at Capelli Salon Suite along with Hans, who styled her hair, and Christine, who was her make-up artist.



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